Saturday, April 01, 2006

Evolution 2006

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New York Eye and Ear Control, Michael Snow

This week sees the return of the Evolution festival run by Leeds arts organisation Lumen.
Consisting of film screenings, exhibitions and workshops Evolution gives a timely exploration of avant garde approaches to film, video and sound.

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Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain, Tony Conrad

Highlights include performances by Jurgen Reble, Thomas Koner and Tony Conrad, screenings of the work of Michael Snow and Rose Lowder and workshops by LoVid and
Screenings take place at Leeds City Art Gallery and a full list of events can be found on the website above.

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Quasar, Jürgen Reble & Thomas Köner

Leeds doesnt have too many truely cutting edge events happening very often so anyone in the area please support the cause and get down to some of the events.


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