Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Phoenix Rises

New year, new attempt to maintain this blog.
Haven't posted for some months now so consider this a mega post to make up for lost time.

First up taking blogging as an artform - Jodi have created a sprawling monument to the possibilities of misplaced blogger code and a copy paste aesthetic. Jodi is the collective name for the work of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans who have been experimenting with code based formats for several years now.

One of their earlier projects http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/ at first appears impenetrable until you look at the source code in which hides diagrams of various weapons of mass destruction. You can also enjoy several of their unique "games" here
More links here, here and here.

Stills from Academy and Play

R. Luke Dubois is a film maker/musician/teacher/programmer/thinker currently residing in New York. He was co-author of super software Jitter. The video pages of his website contain some interesting experiments including each Academy Award best picture winning film condensed into a single minute. Elsewhere on the site you can find every playboy centerfold averaged into short films in an attempt to "fuse the images into a gestalt impression of Playboys ideal of feminized beauty as it has changed over the last fifty years".

Still from Schwarzenbergplatz experiment

'Orte in Zeiten' is a method of compressing time using cine film being developed by Christoph Brunner using a continous iterative exposure of film "as a translation of long time exposure from the field of photography to the field of cinematography".
The Oiz website contains early shorts using the process and a short explanation of the process involved. You can also download the software used to create the soundtracks for the films.

Elsewhere, i have added more classic book cover finds to the Judge a Book blog, and have been contributing more images from my ongoing vvvv experiments to the SVVN blog. Hopefully ill apply myself more fully to the whole blogging process this year....who knows.


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