Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vasulka Workshop

The Vasulka Workshop took place last friday and although not as hands on as i'd been expecting it was still a fascinating insight into the working practices of the pair.
After an initial talk on thursday giving an overview of the evolution of their work, fridays workshop included a detailed look at Woody's
Brotherhood series of installations, a performance of violin power by Steina (albeit plucked - she'd left her bow behind!) and an introductory workshop on the software Isadora.
There was also lots of home footage which ranged from from a demo of new technologies by Don Buchla to a scouting mission to Black Hole in Los Alamos in search of new toys to play with.
Also present were two installations -
The Theatre of Hybrid Automata by Woody and Allvision by Steina.

Allvision Steina Vasulka

The workshop was a unique chance to see these pioneers of video art speak lucidly and openly about their artworks and was lightened by the constant joking and fake bickering between the pair.
Mad props to everyone at Vivid who made this happen.


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