Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Artist and Computer

Atariarchives brings us this classic text edited by Ruth Leavitt. Featuring articles written by artists such as Edward Zadjec, Ben Laposky, Jacques Palumbo and a host of others, this is an essential guide to the pioneering methods employed by the early practitioners of computer art.

'SOF2B 12291 120573' 'SOF2A 12289 100573'
'SOF1C 12285 060573' 'SOF2C 12302 230573' Jacques Palumbo

DIAGONAL WHITE 75635' Edward Zadjec

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Haven't covered any audio yet so heres a few bits that are floating my boat.


Lush sounds from Leeds resident Joe Gilmore here. Alp is "
13 tracks of post-digital minimalist music composed between 2000–2003". 2 of the tracks (PSR 1937+21.1 + PSR 1937+21.2) use
recordings of pulsar stars as their source material and evolved from Das Gestern – Ein Interstellarer Bruckenschlag an installation with Marco Reidel in Munich. Joe also contributes to Vend who have released through Line. Vend will also be touring Japan imminentley: details here.

Team Doyobi
Joe's collaborator in Vend, Alex Peverett is also one half of Sendai/Hulls very own Team Doyobi. A new 7" Wheels of Anterion features an amazing cover from Leed illustrator Olli Redding and is to be followed shortly by a new album - The Kphanapic Fragments.

Rob Hubbard

Whilst on the subject of 8 bit sonics and hull i gotta put a mention in for a true love of mine Rob Hubbard. I dont know of any new releases by him but who cares when most of his 1980s game music compositions are
available online.
During the home computing craze of the 1980s Rob created dozens of amazing soundtracks to Commodore 64 games utilising the full range of its revolutionary SID chip.

Thalamus 1986

To play his tunes you'll wanna grab a copy of Sidplay - i dont know of any mac based player at this time - if anyone does - gimme the heads up...
Classics to look out for include - Delta, Sanxion and The Human Race.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flickr love

Absolutely loving flickr at the moment. Finally digital photography gets its viewing medium.
Heres some recent finds......

Image Hosted by
Primary and Circular by Joshua Blankenship

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Bouganvillia-Close by fr and unknown by i forgot

Image Hosted by
To the left from Grant Hamilton's amazing Geometries set

Image Hosted by
Scarborough, Clayton Bay, Sand 9 and 10 by Seen fave Trek Eye